Vboard and Vplank

Supply & Installation of All kinds of Vboard and Vplank


Vboards are available for different application in the following variants:
V- Premium
V- Designer Board with textured Sorface Finish (V-Cedar, V-Stone, V- Oceanic, V-Lake & Hill)
V- Ply
V-Fire Resistant Board
V-Tiles Backer Board

Available in Standard Dimensions 4mm to 25mm

Fiber cement boards have taken the international market by storm The strong portfolio of advantages make the product widely endorsed and appreciated by architects and customers worldwide, many of them are replacing plywood with fiber cement boards. Fiber cement boards have been used in some of the iconic buildings of our time as they save time, money and being aesthetically more beautiful in their appeal.

Multiple uses of Vplank has taken fiber cement board utilities to the next level for use in 'interior as well as exterior applications. Supply & Installation Vplank is a Non Asbestos, autoclaved product These fiber cement boards are manufactured tay the Hatschek process, later the product is cured using HPSC technology. The curing is done under re steam to attain the product's strength. Vplank is composed of a manic containing special grade cellulose aitinary Portland cement, fine silica, quartz. mineral anthems.

OUR Salient Features

Termite Resistant

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

100% Asbestos Free

Environment Friendly

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