Fibre cement boards are being used in some of the most iconic buildings of our time because they save time and money. They are safer and are aesthetically more beautiful.

Fiber Cement Boards

Fiber Cement Boards is a non-asbstos, autoclaved, fiber cement board, manufactured using the Hatscheck process and High Pressure Steam Curing(HPSC) technology.


VBoard and VPlank

Another variant, Vplank is ideal for external embellishments to modern buildings.


Our products have external and internal applications and are an excellent choice for panelling, cladding, false ceilings, partitions, mezzanine flooring, and much more.

Designing Tiles

Sun Designs was established with a vision of being a ‘credible, passionate and innovative solution provider’. Over the years, Sun Designs has firmly planted its leadership position in the manufacturing of sustainable, eco-friendly and new age building products.

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